U’sandık began in respect for the memories of the women we have lost in preventable femicides since July 1, 2021, when Türkiye withdrew from the İstanbul Convention, and with rebellion to femicide. It continues in order to remember and remind of, beyond statistics and numbers, the women we have blatantly lost in preventable femicides; because they were not under protection or despite numerous formal complaints and protection orders; due to the fact that necessary measures are not taken against femicides; due to the lack of proper sentencing, and dominant policies -or lack thereof. 

By remembering and reminding that the fight against male violence is fought against both men and the public policies that remain ineffective in preventing inequality and violence, Filmmor U’Sandık Collective strives to keep alive the memories of the women we lost in women’s memories, and to hold a mirror to the accomplices who failed in their duty to prevent these murders. U’sandık: Monitors and visualizes preventable femicides. Draws the portraits and compiles the stories of the women we have lost. Prepares videos in a monthly, annual and thematic fashion. Creates a Femicide Map showing the cities where the homicides were committed.

Wishing that there will no longer be a need for U’Sandık one day, it keeps producing for the women we lost in femicide, in order not to lose any more women, against femicide and those who do not prevent it.